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Ragdoll Cat

Our appeal

🐾 Paws! We need your help! 🐾

Wildflower Studio & Acatemy are moving to a larger space! Our heart for Singapore's cats is expanding into a larger home, to match our growing ambitions to do more for them in Singapore.


Our increased capacity means more rescues and exciting forays into adjacent pillars to complete the ecosystem we've been building around the adoption journey of rescue cats. In our new space, a heartwarming change awaits for additional groups of cats who are typically shunned, namely ferals and FIV+. We plan to accommodate them in more purpose-built environments that redefine the current state of feline welfare applied to them.

But we can't do it without you.

While we have secured enough funds to finally purchase a permanent home for our foster program, we need additional help with the cost of renovations and equipment due to unforeseen changes to our timeline. In return, you will be pivotal to scaling our impact for both the rescue cat and vulnerable human communities. 🐾❤️


We've touched many lives- hosted 6,000+ art jammers, fostered 150+ cats and rehomed 100+ cats.

Every gesture counts, big or small. 💕🐱

Our work

From the heart of Singapore, Wildflower Studio has painted a canvas of hope for over 150 rescue cats, combining the magic of art and the healing touch of feline friendship. Every brushstroke in our studio has been accompanied by the soft purr of a furry friend, many of whom found forever homes through our doors.

The Wildflower difference is evident in the way we bring together everyone involved with rescue cats to increase the opportunities a rescue has to secure their forever home. From rescue cats, rescuers, potential adopters, eventual owners (or cat slaves), art jammers to service providers, Wildflower has carefully curated a better experience for everyone.

We will share our plans to expand the ecosystem even further in this next chapter of our work below.

Our aspirations

Your support

Brands that support us

If you are a brand that resonates with our cause, drop us a line!

We would love to be part of your CSR efforts or product sponsorship, in return we would be happy to feature your brand on our socials and adoption materials that are shared with our tight-knit Wildflower community.

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