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Lovecat & Latte

Available for paired adoption (7 yrs old)

Any coffee lovers? Meet Latte, the timid and shy sweetheart who's just waiting for the right person to bring out her purrs! This gentle kitty may take a little time to warm up, but once she does, she'll melt your heart with her sweetness. With a little patience, you’ll discover the loving companion Latte is meant to be. Adopt Latte, and enjoy the gradual, rewarding journey of winning her love!

Meet Lovecat, the confident feline with a flair for head butts and butt scratches! This charming feline knows exactly how to win your heart, offering affectionate head nudges and basking in the glory of a good scratch. Watch as Lovecat interacts with his best buddy Latte, a dynamic duo that brings out the best in each other. Adopt Lovecat, and get ready for a lifetime of playful antics, love, and joy!

Lovecat & Latte
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