Wildflower Kitties for Adoption

We work with cat rescue groups and proceeds from our small business also help to fund and support our cat fostering & socialisation program. This helps our rescue cats increase their chances of finding a forever home!


Please fill in this form if you are interested in adopting a cat. CWS Guidelines apply.

Please note that this page shows the profiles of all our cats, residents are not available for adoption.



Available for adoption (5mths old)

Machi was found in an industrial area all by herself. She has since been a very outspoken girl. Motivate by food, she is not shy to get in your way for snacks. Despite her size, she is very independent and brave. She is not afraid to stand up for herself, This sweet lovely girl deserves a family who is willing to shower her with infinite love.

Benboy and Gerger

Benboy and Gerger

Available for paired adoption (10mths old)

Gentle and sweetest girl
who slowly opens up to you with subtle head butts and meows to show her affection for you. Being the girlfriend of Ben Boy, she tends to follow BenBoy around and watches intently over her surroundings to “protect” her beloved. You can say she is an INFJ type. Would u give this girl a chance to be loved and doted upon?

Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Available for paired adoption with Benji, Domestic shorthair tabby (1.5yr)

Dee is mum to Benji, she is shy and cautious.



Available for adoption or foster, Siamese (3-4 yr old)

Gracie is a sweet and shy cat who recently found to be Felv positive, she can be adopted into a household with no other cats or with other felv positive cats.

Gracie is currently housed in a lodge and deserves a good home.



Available for paired adoption with Coco (3mths old)

Adorable and sweet, this girl will charm her way into your heart!



Pending adoption (6yrs old)

Kelly is a sweet and calm cat who is independent. She was given up by her owner who was not able to accommodate her in their new home. As a gentle and affectionate cat, this sweetheart enjoys pats and human company. A little shy at first, she eventually opens up and worms her way into your heart.



Available for adoption (3-4yrs old)

Silver was on death row at AVS but was bailed out and placed in a boarding facility for a year.

Unfortunately, there were no adopters and he was released into the community, His rescuer realised he was not thriving on the streets as he kept losing weight, so he took him back and placed him in foster care with us. We are working to socialise him in hopes that he can find his forever home.



Available for paired adoption with Remé (3mths old)

Coco is an affectionate and sweet kitten who has an easygoing personality. She enjoys the company of humans and can get along well with other cats too, Being a kitten, she is playful and adventure seeking. We hope she can be adopted with her sister, Remé and spend their lives together in their forever home.

Benji Josh

Benji Josh

Available for paired adoption with DeeDee, Domestic shorthair tabby (6 mths)

We are still assessing his personality and will update this soon



On home trial
(9 months old)

Kinako is our smartest kitty who is a bundle of fun. He can be taught tricks and is super high energy.

Kinako enjoys the company of children and enjoys long play sessions. If you would like to adopt him, you must be sure to devote playtime to him.

It would be best for him to be adopted together with his buddy Frank or into a household with no other cats.

Wildflower Resident Kitties

These are our own cats that we have adopted. They will be the familiar faces of our studio and their individual personalities also help settle new fosters in.


Saffron is our alpha and despite her size, she is the most scaredy cat.
She dominates over the rest, Saffron can hi-five when presented with food and loves bread and butter.

Saffron is our inspiration for our foster program since she bloomed from being a cat who was scared to a confident cat who can now approach strangers!


Sesame is the sweetest of them all. She is very sociable and loves affection and often meows for attention, Sesame was given up by a breeder and is our first foster fail. She will sometimes flop over for belly rubs if she is in the mood but is not a lap cat.

Sesame does not enjoy being near other cats. She might be a slow eater, but do not underestimate her big appetite! She loves to eat.


Soba is sometimes known as a grey thundercloud and can be pretty whiney. He always tries to sneak onto the dining table to steal human food. (His fav is chicken)

Soba has a genetic condition called hip dysplasia. He does not like high places and needs to be careful not to fall from heights. Soba is a mood and likes to hang out on shelves or under the easel.


Sundae is our most senior cat. She used to be a stray and was adopted by a family friend. Unknown to them, she was pregnant and gave birth to 4 kittens.

We adopted Sundae because she did not get along with her kittens.

Sundae is a lone cat and quite a diva. She enjoys high places where she perches to look down on everyone around her and adores cheek rubs.


Cookie is our most affectionate tabby and won't hesitate to climb on your lap to have a seat.

He is a sweet-natured boy who will make your heart melt with his affection and constant need to be with humans. He is also very playful and loves to play with his tabby buddies. One of the most easy-going cats you will meet, Cookie is a crowd favourite.


Roo-ark, also known as Ru boy is a sweet and affectionate kitty and will come onto your lap when he sees treats. Ru previously came in unwell and had to be on a nebaliser twice a day.

He is now a healthy and playful boy. He is playful, sweet and a vocal kitty who is unafraid to proclaim his love and express his heart's desire. Ru loves to play and cuddle up with his kitten friends. His buddies are Cookie and Frank.