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A story of a Mama & her kittens >^•-•^<

This month, we welcomed a family of Gingers. This is their story.


We were first called to foster little Freddie, an 8 week old orphaned kitten who was found along Balmoral Ave right next to a busy road! Rescuers worked quickly to gain his trust and trapped him.


Here he is... what a handsome boy!

Freddie was happy and loved, but slightly lonely as he was so small, he couldn't really play with the big boys. He also started kneading and trying to suckle on our fingers.. We felt sad for him as he must be missing his mama...


Not long after, we received another call to help foster a litter of four 4-5 week old kittens and their mama... the interesting thing was that the 4 kittens were gingers and looked similar to Freddie.


As fate would have it, we took in the litter of kittens in hopes that Freddie would have a companion and a cat mama to love him.


Guess what, Mama immediately took to him and started nursing and grooming Freddie!

Here's Mama nursing all 5 kittens including Freddie

This was such a happy ending... but the story didn't end here.To our surprise, a rescuer found yet another orphaned kitten along Lily Ave and guess what colour the little one was? Also ginger 😅


Did we take her in? Of course... and Mama also opened her heart to another baby..


So here we are today with 6 little gingers and 1 Mama cat awaiting their forever home.

Fun fact: Only 10% of gingers are female


In this litter, all but 2 of them are female!

Oh, we seem to have forgot that we have a little Calico amongst them 🤗

Keen to adopt or know someone who might be? Let us know! 

Check out our latest kitties who are available for adoption!

Can't adopt but want to help?

We have a kitty patron program where you can sponsor the kitties food and care.

The kitties and us thank you!!

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