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Art Jam with Cats
Looking for the best art jamming in Singapore? Combining two well-loved interests of a Cat Cafe concept with Art Jam, we believe we have merged the best of both worlds resulting in a fun and unique experience purrfect for all ages- children to elderly!
We work with cat rescue groups and proceeds from our small business also help to fund and support our kitten fostering & socialisation program. This helps our rescue cats increase their chances of finding a forever home! Who knows? You might just find yourself considering to adopt one of our fosters while you are here!

Just read our customer reviews to find out why our sessions are loved by all!

Which workshop to choose?

Choose from two options- Semi Guided Art Jam with Cats where we have art facilitators guiding you in your artwork or drop by our more casual Chill out with Cats session where you can choose to paint or hang out with cats (or do both!) at your own pace and time. There is something for everyone at our studio!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us

  • Includes feeding session with cats and semi guided art jam

    2 hr 30 min

    48 Singapore dollars
  • Choose to either art jam and/or hang out with cats Weekdays & Sunday

    1 hr

    20 Singapore dollars
  • A parent accompanied workshop about cats for children 3 to 12yrs old

    55 Singapore dollars
Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Serene Soh

The owners Amanda and Darius are soo welcoming and lovely people. They’ve made us so comfortable during our visit there.

Amanda and her eldest daughter were so patient in guiding us with our painting. I truly enjoyed my visit there. Will definitely be back again!

The cats there are so fluffy and well groomed which made me super comfortable to touch them and play with them.


A combination of cat cafe and art jamming studio! I really loved that the owners took time to introduce the cats to us and allowed us to feed the cats treats, before moving on to the art jamming portion. The cats are really friendly and adorable, highly recommended for cat lovers!

For the art jamming portion, there are 4 mediums you can choose from: regular canvas, a circular wooden canvas and dolls/ russian dolls, and tote bags. They also provide a few albums you can draw inspiration from, or you can just search up your own images to paint before going there/when you’re there (they provide WiFi too!)

The owners/staff are really friendly and approachable, and they also check in on you once in awhile to see if you need any help/advice, especially if you’re a beginner/first time painting! They offer help and tips too so the studio is definitely beginner-friendly!

The session lasts 2.5 hours in total and we paid $37 per person for a session. The revenue that they generate is also used to support the foster cats that they have, so if you’re looking for an art jamming experience (+ enjoy cats), do support them!!! :) They are located at a fairly convenient location, about a 10 min walk from Little India MRT.

Unice Chia

My friend booked a session as a surprise, and we spent a really fun Saturday morning.


The owners were so friendly, and took time for us to get to know the cats - feeding them and playing with them.


Afterwards, we were left to paint - there were many mediums to choose from e.g., canvas, tote bag and wood. There are many ways to unleash your creativity :) overall, a wonderful place, very different from usual pet cafes


I went to Wildflower Studio to have an art jam with my friend, as we both really liked pets and the idea of painting with cats just sounded like an amazing idea to the both of us. The cats were very adorable, and we got the chance to get to know how they ended up with Amanda's family, and we also got the chance to feed and play with the cats before starting to paint which was very lovely!

Now to the painting itself: Amanda was a really good teacher as she guided me to draw more accurately, and gave tips on how to make my drawing come together. The studio was also really well-stocked with paints of different colours and different media that can be painted on, it definitely provides a good avenue for people to try out painting on different media than they are used to.


Overall, the ambience was really nice and relaxed, and I would go back again :)

Merlyn Ng

10/10 will recommend anyone who loves art and cats to come here and hang out.


Both Amanda and Darius are lovely people, with Amanda giving out pointers and tips to myself and my son on our painting, and Darius passionately explaining about each cats and fosters in the house.


All the cats are so so adorable! Sundae, Saffron, Sesame, Soba and the two playful fosters - Muffet and Tuffet?


I’d love to drop by again next time - painting is very therapeutic.


Went to a few art jams before and found Wildflower Studio to be the best experience yet!

The art jam session was really well planned, split into 3 parts - Introduction and interaction with cats, intro to art materials to choose from and art pictures to get inspiration, and the art jam session. Amanda and her team are also very attentive and always helping out participants who need more guidance. The art canvases are also in good sizes, not too big so that you can complete your artwork on time.

I found it really great that we get canvas options to choose from! Regular square canvas, round wooden board, tote bags and wooden russian dolls to paint on.

And the cats!! They're all soo comfortable around humans and are very friendly! And sooo cute! It's so therapeutic to paint with cats around, and overall such a lovely experience.

The price is honestly worth it! Will definitely recommend to my friends!!!

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