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How to tell your visitors to behave around your cats- Free resource for cat owners and children

Have a cat but find it hard to tell visitors or their children how to the properly handle or behave around your cat?

Some cats are naturally skittish and hide when visitors drop by. This might be aggravated by how visitors behave around them.

We know that children are curious and get excited when they see cats, this also happens at our studio. Hence, we have created to clear and approachable poster and thought it would be useful for cat owners to put up in their home.

Entitled 'Let's help our cats feel safe around us!' it features our 4 resident cats with clear illustrations with do's and dont's that are easy to understand.

You can also send out the softcopy poster to the parents before their children arrive so children are aware of expected behaviour. We hope this makes the visiting experience a more calm and respectful one for all our humans and cat friends!

You can download the poster here

Please credit Wildflower Studio when sharing the poster :)

Wildflower Studio Poster
Download PDF • 19.83MB

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