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Giving 'fierce' cats a chance to be loved

Afiqah and I first started our thoughts of adoption way before we got married in December 2021.

We grew up in families with their family pet cats and we adored them. However, as we were still growing up, we were unable to love them as our own as we were deemed too young to be fully responsible for the family cats, and we were also unable to convince our parents to adopt cats into our respective homes.

Individually, we tried many ways to convince our parents to adopt cats and both of us weren't successful all the way till adulthood. This fuelled our passion towards adopting cats for our new home even more as we wanted to have our own cats and love them like family.

During our search, we met rescuers Jill and Rei who found out more about us and why we wanted to have cats of our own. They introduced us to Wildflower Studio, a cat cafe with art jamming, who also dedicated their lives towards fostering and rehoming stray and feral cats. We fell in love with a family of feral cats that Wildflower Studio was fostering and absolutely loved the idea of giving them a home.

Our babies- Molly,, Holly and Sasha

Before we met our cats, Wildflower Studio had been working on socialising these feral cats to prepare them towards a loving home. We were so inspired that we decided together with Wildflower Studio this wild idea of visiting them weekly to be a part of this socialisation process.

This gave us a glimpse of the hard work they put in every single day facing the challenges of befriending shy, skittish or fierce cats. We saw firsthand how they overcame the tough situations with such calmness and loving care. We personally have never seen so much dedication and intricacy towards understanding every individual cat personalities which we found so amazing. Beyond that, the time spent with them taught us so much on cat behaviour and handling that prepared us properly as future cat parents.

Holly was the first cat who opened up to our socialisation efforts

Supper is often the time the studio does most of it's socialisation work

The cats had to be fed at a distance as they were unwilling to be near any humans

Sometimes the studio owners get battle scars :(

The day finally came as we took over and finally had our home ready to introduce our feral cats to their forever home.

The day we finally brought them home!

Today, we watch and document as the journey with our cats unfolds with their colourful personalities. It is like watching the blossoming of a wonderful family of cats and we're sure they are living their best lives. This chapter ended up with us receiving the most precious and priceless gift to our lives and has also let us better experience the entire heartfelt meaning of a home.

You can follow the rooftop ferals on Instagram and TikTok about their journey towards becoming loving house cats.

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