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The purrfect shade of 'Graye' for our family

We first visited Wildflower Studio for an art jamming session. It was a very cozy and wonderful experience painting and chilling with the socialised rescue cats. When we first met Graye, she had a very sweet and gentle disposition. I shared with Amanda that I was looking to adopt a cat when a good match comes along but since Graye had potential adopters at that time, I didn’t think to ask Amanda.

Shortly a week later, our paths crossed again! My daughter had such a good experience in Wildflower Studio that we visited them again for her birthday! Amanda shared that Graye was still available for adoption and we were overjoyed. Amanda and her team were very helpful in answering all my queries and gave me many resources and solutions that helped me prepare for Graye’s arrival. It allowed me to understand Graye preferences more even before she arrived at my place. I cannot be more thankful for all the help that was given.

Graye loves snuggles

We finally adopted Graye on the 12th Aug 2022 and we cannot be happier that Graye is now part of our little family. I think she is a perfect fit and we love her so much and hope to give her new and beautiful life. Thank you for blessings that Wildflower Studio help bring into our lives.

Graye beautifully settled into her new family

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